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The Incorrigible Kitten

The sort to bring about a few extra trails with its mistiness

Pull buoy

Look to see eyes staring down. A grin barely cached by eyes that bare all.

I know what you think of me and I like it.

Glide under the surface, still and swinging. Too easy to forget unlike those bubbles.

Like how to have you heaving after I’ve sunk.

Kick off hard from the wall farther still, stirring the surface where those eyes will always follow.

Long-axis pivoting or shorter downward kicking, rise and fall intensely within sight and breathing.

Wait before you touch. Eventually I will sink and you can tug me from under.

Between my thighs and ankles, your washboard front and soft waves, skimming and drifting afloat.

Roll and pull butterfly with a sailing angel’s descent but peak with a graceful tail, pray don’t forget.

Like staying within your reach as you like it.

Endnote: To self reading this later and forgetting, this piece is about me balancing a pull buoy between my legs as I alternate training butterfly and freestyle arm (swim) strokes; lifeguards as always, watch closely in case I run into trouble.


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