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The Incorrigible Kitten

The sort to bring about a few extra trails with its mistiness

Said boob

Just elbowed a body positive lady in the boob by accident because I underestimated the amount of space between her and her friend on the left — she was taking a leisurely stroll of the station, admiring architecture, signages and things, occasionally checking behind that her teenage son has not lost sight of her in a largely, empty area and decided that she was going to stand on the right side of the escalator instead of the left where people normally stand, hence blocking my path to freedom, I mean the train, and I didn’t want to wait 5 mins for the next one—tick tock, the world is ending in 5 mins SMH. She said something to me which sounded surprisingly neutral in tone in a language with which I’m unfamiliar and to which I reponded ,”SORRY!” Actually, I shouted it and darted down the escalator. I don’t reckon it’s a request for feedback on quality and authenticity of said boob so I didn’t feel like I should say anything more; In any case, I don’t have much experience in that regard. Yup. That’s my assessment of an unfortunate and somewhat horrifying incident.

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