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The Incorrigible Kitten

The sort to bring about a few extra trails with its mistiness

Interview with people in their sunset days

A YouTube video that I found online

This video is soul-stirring; brave people share personal experiences and feelings with strangers for important lessons about life and living, for that I’m grateful. It also makes me ponder about my own answers to some of these hard questions.

My biggest regret is not telling toxic people to leave sooner—what a waste of happiness and an opportunity to be happy.

My biggest fear about death is that it will take too long to come. I’m actually, and I say this with complete honesty and confidence, ready to die; in the sense that I’m mentally prepared since my teenage years even though I’m healthy. I think it’s partly owing to the fact that I come from a huge family, loved many but then, they all started dying one after another, so young. To see death come for so many I knew and loved, makes me feel like I’m more familiar and at ease with it and because of it, there is no more space or excuse for a fear of dying to exist within me because it will not make sense.

Without this fear, I live. Live in a liberated but also determined to be my best, sense—like taking steps to leave the world better even small ones like telling people things they don’t want to hear so maybe they too can be better and do the same for others: thinking with a focus on cascading effects because it’ll happen, with difference only a matter degree—the sort of trail behind us, blazing or illuminating

Maybe that’s the key. No matter how much time we think we have left, short or long, to simply live the best we can like there is no better use for it. Maybe but I’m still open to suggestions.

May happiness and contentment fill our days ahead.

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