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The Incorrigible Kitten

The sort to bring about a few extra trails with its mistiness

Cats banned from apartments

Reason for policy: inter alia caterwauling, urinating/defecating everywhere and difficult to contain indoors.


This policy must have been written by someone describing himself or caterwauling instead of writing sense. Cats like to use their litter boxes. They are not dogs that must do their business outside. They meow for a reason, usually softly to get you to do things and can hardly meow louder than dogs bark (context: certain dogs are allowed to be kept in the apartments). They scream when they feel threatened, as humans do, especially by other cats which will happen often when they are left to live OUTSIDE where other cats also live, instead of within the safety of their own territory and homes.

What a joke.

By virtue of their very own policy, they bring about the very result they wish to avoid: (community) cats defecating, urinating everywhere, unable to be contained indoors (because they are banned) hence, roaming indiscriminately and caterwauling (as they are challenged by other cats and things that pose a danger to them). Self-fulfilling prophecy written and perpetuated by the “best” minds of our nation. Sad.


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