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The Incorrigible Kitten

The sort to bring about a few extra trails with its mistiness

Help and run away

Sarcasm abound in this post; take it as resistance training and chuckle, if it pleases you.

Some people’s harrowing experience involved alleged unprovoked walloping of two women by some number of men—this was picked up by some local news agencies and appeared all over Facebook. There might be some homophobic element in this but who’s to say these days? Since only one side deigned to complain about some savage-looking injury sustained during the onslaught and appealed for information to aid in criminal investigation, some people took this as cue to decorate the comments section with victim-blaming sentiments. Victims must have desired this attack, or any attack for that matter, otherwise, how could there be victims? Aligned to this view is the denial of its “unprovoked” quality which is achieved by speculating (or not) thousands of reasons as to how anyone could be deserving of such treatment despite having no evidence or indication of the same; this falls outside lawful self-defence due to pesky things such as danger, threat, opportunity to seek help from authority, non-excessive etc that made it difficult for normal people to rely.

If only the other side would come forth and tell us what they did in categorical terms for the benefit of those skeptical about the whole thing, as criminals are inclined to do. They usually end any public statement of admission by saying things like, “cash me outside, how bout da?” only then can they be arrested for invitation to arrest has been issued in no uncertain terms.

Which year are we in again? Oh, That’s right. It’s the very year in which there exists good reasons to be hurling oneself upon strangers and inflicting serious injuries. Good reasons such as irritating face, body language or expression, sexual preferences, accidental actions, rudeness, hurt by the possibility of rejection even though one hadn’t even ask or that everyone is entitled to prefer some characteristics over others, fear of unnatural hair colour and so on. That if other people are entitled to do the same—and there exists always someone else stronger or better than us if not now then soon as we grow older—then only the strongest and the fittest will survive, guaranteeing a miserable and very short life span for everyone else. Is this better because at least the principle of equality applies?

Others took their appeal for information using far-reaching platforms such as Tik Tok or Instagram as attention-seeking. Forgive me, I thought that was the point: to widen the net for witnesses to come forth. What would be the odds of that happening if such appeal was broadcasted to only a handful of people in a non attention-seeking private post? Or are they only reserved for cats, persons and other valuable things such as wallets or brains?

Even weirder still is the nature of the injury: too visible that it must have been the result of magic— nevermind that some things are so easily verified that it seems churlish to deny— it didn’t happen because they can’t wrap their heads around it, otherwise it would have been too simple to ask, who inflicted those injuries and why? Was a crime committed?

Speaking of making videos on social media for attention, someone happened to capture images of the perpetrators prior to the attack increasing the chances of identification, call for questioning and/or arrest. Interestingly, no one came up to offer any information until that precious clip began circulating—he claimed he was helping (can’t make this s**t up). He didn’t explain why he fled swiftly along with the perpetrators though.

Maybe he didn’t have time to stick around to give important witness statement because he has somewhere more important to be than hang around in a club he willingly went into. Oh dear, I hope he got to wherever he needed to be on time but more importantly, that he finds time to give that statement now.


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